*Special* In essence Duo Pack - RRP $99.90 Limited Time – Blissful Boxes Australia
*Special* In essence Duo Pack - RRP $99.90   Limited Time

*Special* In essence Duo Pack - RRP $99.90 Limited Time

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Soothing Facial Treatment:
This luxurious, lightly textured  beauty oil contains a soothing blend of lavender flower, roman chamomile and neroli blossom to reduce irritation as well as repair and regenerate the skin.

To gently boost moisture levels and balance the skin with essential nutrients.

Relieves redness and leaves skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Organic Camellia Facial Treatment:

It is rich in Oleic Acid along with Vitamin A, B and E is known to protect from environmental damage, premature ageing and pigmentation. Rapidly absorbed, just a few drops of this liquid force will deliver intense hydration to the skin and restore a natural, healhty glow.